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Worship, Sunday, January 7th, 2024

Happy New Year! We began the new year by hearing the story of Jesus and his family fleeing to Eygpt. After the magi (wise men) left, King Herod sent orders for every child under the age of 2 around Bethlehem to be killed. In the middle of the night, Joseph, in a dream, received a warning to leave Bethlehem in the night.

Jesus and his family are similar to the reason why so many people are forced to flee from tyrants or severe economic conditions. Recently, migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees have fled their homelands, trying to seek a better life. Too often, partisan political leaders make blanket, false statements about those seeking a better life and, by doing so, dehumanize them. As Christians, our call is to never lose sight of the humanity of those seeking a better life. Differences in policies are to be expected, but it does not neglect our responsibility to see people as people.