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Sunday, April 28, 2024

“God, You, and We: An Energy and a Wave”

We are thankful that there are many ways to imagine what and who God is. For those of us who find it difficult to believe God is a man in the sky, 1 John Chapter 4 offers us another image: God as love because God is love. God is a divine energy. God’s divine energy is love. This energy is very present in our lives. It’s present at the smallest level of the existence, subatomic, atomic, cells, organs are infused with this divine healing energy. At every moment, God is in the process of moving us towards healing. However, God’s healing does not take place in a vacuum. It takes place against the backdrop of other factors. Factors like weather, climate, cancer, human actions, poverty, and war. These factors require an understanding that God does not have a magic wand. Prayer is not a magician’s healing spell. But that God as love is infused in our every moment and is moving us towards healing.

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