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Monthly Church Newsletter, November 2023

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to remember.

I spent some time recently at Daycholah, a UCC camp at Green Lake. My friend from the seminary
organized fellow clergy to join her. It was not organized around a common theme or schedule. The
other clergy worked on their plans for Advent. I decided I would relax and read. It was an excellent
way to set aside some time to rest. I even finally changed my car battery with a new one. The new
battery sat in my car for about three weeks.

This was my first time at Daycholah. It’s now where the Wisconsin Conference of the UCC has its
offices. Definitely a gorgeous place to work.

Daycholah has a chapel. Its windows look out upon the lake. It has many places for clergy, church
groups, and camps to connect with God through nature. Look out for the next edition of the
outdoor ministry calendar. Our UCC camps are what we need.

Here’s a poem I wrote from my time there.
Leaves fall
Red, yellow, orange
Wind blows,
More fall below
Red, yellow, orange
Upon the fading green grass,
Mixing and matching
Red, yellow, orange
Chapel in the distance,
Red, yellow, orange.
Daycholah in view,
a lake so windy blue.
Red, yellow, orange.

Pastor Josh

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