Our Pastor

Rev. Joshua Simon, Pastor

I grew up in a small town, Seymour, Wisconsin, not too far from Appleton and Green Bay. Growing up, I went hunting with my dad, plays and musicals with my grandmother, and my mom cheered me on at middle school soccer games. I like to have fun, make jokes, and enjoy life. Living in Santa Fe and Vermont has instilled in me a love for hiking. It will be a lot easier without all the mountains.  I have a dog named Joy. She is a mix of Boxer and Hound of some sort.  And I love movies!

I believe God manifests in love. That the best way to experience God is in the loving relationships we have with others. I firmly believe God calls each one of us to live lives of purpose. Jesus calls us to be disciples so we may teach the good news and be the Body of Christ that works for the common good. This is expressed when we share communion together. Communion holds a special place in my heart. Eating and drinking the communion meal reminds me of how we are connected to God and how we are connected to Christians in the past and the present.